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 +# Linux laptop
 +i'm using an asus zenbook infinity (ux301la-dh71t) for this. main challenges of laptops are being limited to 1 monitor, needing to set up hotkeys, and other such stuff.
 +## WM/DE experiences/​ratings
 +### Good?
 +- Sway (pure Wayland, no big dependencies,​ but need to figure out how to supplement it with DE stuff like notification area, easily-configurable panel, notifications,​ audio settings, and a better menu than dmenu) (i ended up going with sway as my main environment,​ paired with waybar / mako / pavucontrol / rofi, and also screenshots with grim+slurp)
 +- XFCE + xfwm (no-nonsense traditionalism but bad tiling, so you need to use a different workflow based around a dockbar/​panel instead of tiling and workspaces.)
 +- XFCE + i3-gaps (a good compromise between DE and WM, at least for X11)
 +- Deepin (pretty but idk if it's functional yet -- play around more with it)
 +### Interesting
 +- Qtile (need to learn how to use it bc it seems decent, similar to sway/i3 but no idea how to open menus yet, unfortunately doesn'​t seem to be mouse-driven at all)
 +### IDK
 +- bspwm / herbsluftwm (need config before opening?)
 +### Not-so-good?​
 +- Budgie (scaling a bit weird, and idk why but i don't really like the styling of it even though it's clean and makes sense)
 +- awesome (haven'​t been able to configure it how i want to with the title bars, but otherwise *seems* solid)
 +### Eh...
 +- GNOME (too limited and boring)
 +- KDE (bad design)
 +### Not good
 +- Openbox/​Fluxbox (too much hardcoded stuff)
 +- Notion (too bare/ugly)
 +### Broken
 +- way-cooler (failed to compile)
 +- liri-desktop (no input from mouse/​keyboard)