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Managers need private offices for “productivity” but put their workers in open offices [link]


When they went to open office one of my friends said in the announcement meeting it was asked why managers and higher ups needed offices. Productivity was the answer. Didn’t seem to phase them that the people actually doing the producing were going to be producing less.

“I watched an entire Flat Earth Convention for my research – here’s what I learnt” [link]


While flat earthers seem to trust […] scientific methods, what they don’t trust is scientists […] those in power control what is considered to be correct […] According to Foucault, there is therefore an intimate […] relationship between power and knowledge.

With the increased voice afforded by social media, knowledge has been increasingly decentralised, and competing narratives have emerged.

one of the physicists pleaded with the audience to avoid trusting YouTube and bloggers. The audience and the panel of flat earthers took exception to this, noting that “now we’ve got the internet and mass communication … we’re not reliant on what the mainstream are telling us in newspapers, we can decide for ourselves”.