Definition [link]

Fascism is a political ideology defined by the following:

  1. The myth of the great nation, meant to elicit pride in the Nation and its former accomplishments.
  2. The myth of degeneracy, which is a scapegoat for all of the Nation’s failings and the cause of its supposed decline.
  3. The myth of national rebirth, i.e. returning the Nation to greatness, typically by “cleansing” the Nation of the aforementioned “degeneracy”.

Related fundamental concepts you should be aware of [link]

What is a nation? A nation is a shared cultural or political identity. It is not strictly the same as a government (legal body), a country (geography), or an ethnicity (culture), although it may be defined along those lines. It is also not to be confused with a state (monopoly on power).

Social radix: For fascists, national identity is the root of all society.

Characteristics [link]

Third Positionism against liberalism and against socialism [link]

Fascism positions itself as against democracy and against Marxism. It is anti-liberal and anti-socialist (especially anti-communist), and instead occupies the “Third Position”.

Fetishization of order [link]

Fascism is more dedicated to order rather than justice. All individuals are expected to have a duty to protect the Nation-State and uphold its interests and values. Any concept of “the greater good” beyond the national interest is mostly nonexistent. All that matters is preserving “law and order”, i.e. preserving the superiority of your own nation above others. This focus on stability, discipline, hierarchy, and national pride permeates all of society.

Individuals simply [cannot] be relied on voluntarily to ‘obey the law, pay their taxes and serve in war’. No well-ordered society could want the people to be sovereign.

Benito Mussolini

Things that are fascism [link]

  • Wanting to establish a national empire
  • Wanting to conquer or subjugate other nations, or to make them subservient to your nation
  • Believing that some nations are inferior to others
  • Believing that certain peoples/cultures/lifestyles are bringing your nation down
  • Eliminating rights of a targeted subgroup for above reasons
  • Restricting entry or physically expelling a targeted subgroup for above reasons
  • Murdering a targeted subgroup for above reasons

Things that are not fascism [link]

  • A willingness to use violence
  • A willingness to use violence in self-defense
  • Defending a community against violence
  • Having a government
  • Having a government that does things
  • Anything a government does
  • Not letting someone give a speech
  • Not letting someone organize in your community
  • Not listening to someone trying to speak