i kinda don’t like most todo apps because they don’t really mesh with how i think. maybe i just don’t vibe with the GTD-inspired flow most apps use. the only app i’ve seen do tasks/todos in an actually useful way is Things 3 for iOS.

a better hierarchy [link]

Task List > Task > Subtask

asana does this well imo

a better mental model [link]

Today / Upcoming / Anytime / Someday

  • Today/Upcoming: for tasks with a due date or time
  • Anytime: for tasks without a due date
  • Someday: for tasks without a due date and lower priority

afaik only Things 3 does this?

what you can do as a workaround [link]

if your tasks app supports task lists within the same project/space/etc then you can make a separate list for Today / Upcoming / Anytime / Someday. it’s not very precise but it at least works on a basic level